What is Penny Stock Egghead?

What exactly is the Penny Stock Egghead by Nathan Gold? In this post I’ll try to answer that question. (Click here for the official site.)

Penny Stock Egghead bookThe Penny Stock Egghead is essentially a pump and dump scheme. Yes, I said it. Nathan Gold studies the penny stocks and finds one with a lot of potential, then he sends out emails to his clients telling them to buy, buy, buy! Suddenly the penny stock skyrockets and people think, “Wow, he was right!” No, Nathan Gold isn’t able to predict the future. He just knows how to pump up a penny stock and when to sell it.

Now I’m not saying the Penny Stock Egghead is a total scam. It’s not. You can learn a lot of useful trading advice from this guy. And you actually can make a lot of money from the penny stocks he suggests. The secret is to not be as greedy as all the other members of the One-Trade-A-Week club, and to go ahead and sell the penny stock as soon as you stand to make a little profit and not wait until he tells you to sell it.

Then every week you can take the little bit of profit you earn and reinvest it in more stocks the next week. Keep on doing this, and eventually you can be making a lot of extra money in your spare time. I know I am, although I still haven’t been able to quit my day job.

Over the next few months I’m going to share my experience with the Penny Stock Egghead and let you know what worked and what didn’t. I highly recommend taking advantage of the 8-week money back guarantee. What you can do is join the newsletter, then play along with imaginary money to see how well it works. If you’re not happy, you can always get a refund.

For more details, visit the official site!

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